A human-like chatbot for restaurants

Get reservations

With Birbal’s user friendly step-by-step procedure, your customers can easily book or edit a reservation at your restaurant in less than a minute.

Share your vital information

With a few clicks, your customers can ask your menu, special offers and other important information of your restaurant like address and timings.

Easily manage complains

Through Birbal your customers can share feedback about your food, ambiance or service. Each complain gets a unique number to easily follow-up.

Birbal plans and pricing

Birbal Essential

  • Easy to use backend panel
  • Manage and follow-up reservation
  • Intuitive dashboard with stats/insights
  • Select active hours for bot
  • Handle complains on the go
  • Share menu and special offerings
  • Conveys key restaurant information

Birbal Premium

  • All features of Birbal Plus
  • Complete online order
  • Item-wise menu display
  • Keyword based question/answer
  • 3000 broadcast credits
  • Send broadcast age, gender etc. wise
  • Online order notification/SMS
Using Birbal means 70% of your restaurant’s communication can be automated. This can save time and effort of both customers and restaurants
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Requires Zero Coding

You can easily set up Birbal in less than hour. So what are you waiting for?

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Birbal is inspired by Raja Birbal, one of the advisors of the great Mughal King Akbar. Known for his wit, humor, and for being the “brain” of the Mughal court, he has been a source for numerous folk stories where he impressed the Emperor with his intelligent answers.

With Birbal we plan to replace monotonous robotic style communication of chatbots to the same way we talk to one another. Birbal for Restaurants is the first chapter of creating a human-like chatbot which not just saves time and effort but will also be easy and fun to talk to. After studying hundreds of restaurant messenger communication patterns, we have listed down what users usually ask on Facebook Messenger and how Birbal can answer them with ease.